Holography for 3D Visualization - IVP210

The course is offered by the Impact Centre in collaboration with the Department of Physics and Victoria College.

Optical Table in operation at the Impact Centre Holography Lab

The Impact Centre offers a course in Holography, where art and science students will work together to create holograms of high quality both technically and artistically. At the same time, students will learn the fundamental principles of optics and photonics (the same principles underlying today’s fibre optic networks) in a visual and intuitive way. Holograms will be produced from both real objects and computer models.

Course: IVP210
Session: Winter

Learning Outcomes

  • Optics and lasers: wave propagation, interference, diffraction, safety
  • History and criticism of visualization and holography in art and science
  • Hands-on skills in holography production, including digital holography
  • Human physiology in vision and perception

Schedule and Enrolment

  • Enrolment in the course is managed by Victoria College.
  • The course is typically offered in the spring term.
  • It is available to all U of T undergraduate students. The course code is IVP210.
  • In the past, the same course was offered with the code JOP210.
  • Follow this link for the Calendar information.